Group Discussion: What brings us joy?

After hearing too much bad news on TV and Radio, I came up with the idea of gathering a group together for an uplifting afternoon, to affirm that most of our lives are essentially good. This is a time to reflect, to speak and be listened to, and to examine how we might bring more joy into our busy lives. 

The session takes place from 2pm until 4pm in Glen Iris, Vic.

Next event will be held on the 5th December 2015, where there are only two places left. I'd love to welcome you for a stimulating discussion, and a delicious afternoon tea.

Here's what participants are saying:

I was lucky enough to attend a Forum with Ms Nanette Ferguson on 'What brings us joy'.  It was a very uplifting session with opportunities to reflect, speak, watch and listen.  Nanette is very professional in her approach to the session. As a result, in that short space of time I came away with a more positive attitude and now find myself reflecting on the small things that can bring joy into your life.  After all, as was pointed out we all want to be happy, it is a desire as universal as our want for food, water and fresh air. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested to attend this Forum with Nanette.  I feel she would be a great asset to any program.

Elizabeth Halpin (Teacher Librarian, St Kevin's College Toorak.)

Dear Nanette,

Thank you so much for hosting a fascinating afternoon Forum titled 'What brings us joy'. At the time I mentioned the important things that bring me joy .... It was Nanette's forum that brought these things to mind.  I had not realised just how many joyful moments there are in my life. The Forum made me more mindful of these things... Thank you Nanette.

Susan Wilson.

It was simply wonderful to take some time out for myself and reflect on where I find joy in my life. The workshop helped clarify what tasks could be reduced and how I could incorporate more joyful activities into my life.

Simple, effective and inspiring. When was the last time you focused on yourself? After just two hours, I felt more uplifted and inspired than I have in weeks. Nanette gently guides you on a path of self discovery - one in which you discover how you can incorporate more joy into your life.

Julie P. 

The 'Where do you find joy' workshop helped me reflect on what was missing in my busy life. I have reconnected with some of the things that give me great pleasure, like dancing, as well as small things that I can do each day to bring more joy into my life. Nanette has a relaxed easy going manner and engaged all the participants in the group. I really enjoyed this workshop.

Jill Peterkin.

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